Holistic Life Coaching:
Mind, Body and Soul

Connect. Heal. Find Purpose & Peace.

Whatever life challenges you are going through right now, Kaur Coaching can support you on your journey to holisitic health, mind-body healing and deeper spiritual connection.

Win over your MIND,
                      Win over your WORLD. 

Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji

The solution lies within

Life can be challenging and we’re always searching for the solutions out there… the bestselling book, the 30 day challenge, the latest expert or technique. At Kaur Coaching, we’re here to remind you that the solution lies within you.

My name is Amandeep Kaur and as an experienced and qualified holistic coach, I can support you. Whether you’re dealing with physical or emotional /mental health challenges, relationship issues or want to deepen your spiritual connection, Kaur Coaching can light the way.

Most people come to me because they’ve been searching for help and they want someone they can trust to assist them with an holisitic or spiritual perspective. My clients tell me that I’ve helped them transform through my: calm, non-judgemental and insightful presence, vast expertise and experience in practical approaches to mind, body and spiritual health and they feel reassured by my professional qualification in coaching (and counselling).

Together we explore how we can move beyond your past that may be disrupting your present, deal with current challenges in more conscious and grounded ways and how presence and purpose can transform your future. We use practical ways to help you understand and connect with yourself in mind, body and soul and feel ease again (even if the outside seems unpredicatable).

Amandeep Kaur

Your Success Stories

“I was diagnosed with chronic anxiety and clinical depression. I tried different types of therapies but unfortunately nothing seemed to help. I came across Kaur Coaching and started to work with Amandeep. Just in a few weeks I found a sense of peace that I never experienced before. With her guidance and support my emotional state has completely transformed. I no longer take medication, instead I feel joy, freedom and inner peace 🙏”

D. K

“I discovered that part of me which held all of the negative beliefs, experiences and trauma. In the past, I always felt let down, like it wasn’t going to happen for me, but this coaching experience with Amandeep has changed that – I finally feel lovable and worthy.”

S. K

“Where do I start?! So much ‘light’ can’t describe in words what I have gained, amazing experiences, self worth, self respect, realising His grace is and has always been with me.
Amandeep helped me deal with my past, my guilt and fears. She helped me with acceptance and hukam, an understanding of what trust is. She listened and gave such an amazing perspective of things, positivity radiating through her made me look forward to every session.”

I. K

I am truly so grateful for my coaching sessions with Amandeep. She was there for me during a time in my life where I felt alone and did not feel like anyone could relate to what I was experiencing. Her coaching has helped me to better understand myself, helped me to become more compassionate to myself and others which in turn has helped me to love myself and others more. I feel more confident, more at peace and bliss and I’m so thankful for her and her amazing coaching. I have gained amazing knowledge from her and I am so happy I am able to use that in my everyday life.

V. S

“I learned to lower my anxiety and found a toolkit that worked for me. It really helped me to release emotions I’ve been holding onto from the past. Amandeep is gentle, empathetic and very sincere. She even helped rebuild my confidence in one of my passions that I thought I’d lost. I wasn’t sure if coaching was right for me, but it’s defintely changed everything.”


My expectations were surpassed. I felt such a safe, compassionate & non-judgemental energy from Amandeep… New realisations unfolded in each session, which took me to a sense of deeper appreciation and feeling healthier, more alive and connected.”


“I have developed my resilience, strengthened my faith and begun to rediscover my purpose working with Amandeep. I appreciated having a space where I could say exactly what I was feeling and thinking but knowing it wouldn’t go any further, that I was in a safe space. I have never had anybody just listen to what I needed to talk about, so really appreciated these sessions.”



Practical ways to live a more holistic, healthy and harmonious life

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My story

Taking that first step to work with a coach can be daunting, especially if things already feel a little confused. It’s OK, take some time to find out more about me and how I work or we can have a chat about any questions you might have and your needs over a free consultation call.